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Media Consultation

Get some expert advice on a specific topic.

When you need face-to-face insight and advice, an ACP consultation will pair you with the best in student media to help your editors in real time.

It is not a critique, which includes comments, scoring and a rating. But with a consultation, you invite an ACP-designated expert to address a specific topic of your choice. We’ll use a virtual meeting platform to connect you and your staff with talented professionals, award-winning advisers and experienced educators.

They will spend up to 1 hour on a specific topic, such as these:

Writing  •  Photography •  Copy editing  •  Design
Editorial leadership  •  Staff management
Social media  •  Video production  •  Podcasts/audio production

The cost per consultation is $99. Your consultant will contact you within two weeks to schedule when your session. The consultant will arrange for the session to be recorded for ACP, and a private link will be provided to you to share with your students.

Please contact us if you have questions about the consultation service.

Once you’ve purchased the consultation, complete this form so ACP can assign a consultant to your staff.


Media Consultation


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